career commitment

Daria is an awesome show, because Daria is a sarcastic smartass who points out all of the little absurdities we take for granted. Go watch Daria.


You’re standing on my neck.

Here’s a little gem I picked up recently. I think it resonates loud and clear for all of us 20 somethings who are lost. Hate your job? Indecisive? Have zero self awareness? Remember the wise words of one Daria Morgendorfer.

“My goal is not to wake up at 40 with the bitter realization that I’ve wasted my life on a job I hate because I was forced to decide on a career in my teens.”

Did you get that? Good. Now go back to enjoying your youth and growing as a person. And don’t be hard on yourself for not having it all figured out. You’re really not supposed to. You’re just supposed to experiment, learn, and grow. Everything falls into place as you go along.

People who have it all figured out are just blindly obeying their parents’ wishes. Or, they’re not self-aware and lying to themselves. Yes, I really want to be an accountant. I really, really do. How does one know at such a young age and with so little life experience? It’s mind boggling.


And so, I’m optimistic. I have one eye towards the future and one towards the past.


One thought on “career commitment

  1. That picture seriously made my night

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