Why I hate twitter

I hate Twitter. Here’s why.

  1. I’m not a hyperactive, tech-obsessed extrovert. Most people (especially industry professionals) come across as hyperactive, tech-obsessed extroverts on Twitter. Yep. They’ll be tweeting all day, everyday. Sure, they upload and time their tweets in advance. However, reading all of that, much less, writing it, exhausts me.
  2. I’m not a “guru” of any kind. Most people (again, especially industry professionals) refer to themselves as gurus and ninjas. Especially in the realm of social media. It’s an overused cliche that needs to die.
  3. Spam. I hate being spammed with self-promoting material like “check out my blog/website/video.” Most of the time, this stuff isn’t relevant to my interests!
  4. Follower collectors. That’s right, they collect followers. My Twitter experience is not enriched by the self-promoting user who has 17,000 followers and is following 17,000 others. Ignore.
  5. Superficial conversations. It’s hard to get into something meaningful when you only have 140 characters.
  6. Direct messages. Again, this is a type of spam. As soon as I follow someone, I’ll get an automated direct message from them. It usually sounds something like this: “Hi, thanks for following. You can check out my website here http://www.website.com”
  7. Always being connected. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t like always being connected. I like to get away from the tech world to do real world things sometimes.
  8. I don’t like documenting every single moment of every single day. And I don’t care to hear a play by play of yours, either.
  9. Celebrities on twitter. Yeah, I don’t give a shit about celebrities on Twitter and what they’re tweeting about. Especially you, Kim Kardashian.
  10. Hashtags. Don’t get me wrong, hashtags are useful for searching for relevant content. I hate when people overuse them for everything, and end up #hashtagging #an #entire #sentence #like #this.

Attention Twitter users! Those who hashtag improperly will be ridiculed.

I’m not a hater. Twitter is really useful if you know how to use it. And I’m still learning how to make the most of my Twitter experience.Twitter is excellent for staying in touch with news and trends. You could even use Twitter for open networking, and reach out to professionals in your industry (or preferred industry). Twitter is great when there’s dialogue involved, and not just a one-sided self-promoting monologue.

Assess how connected you want to be, and customize your Twitter experience based on how much you can consume.

How has your Twitter experience been so far?


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