When shit hits the fan

Mavis, I would keep all of this to yourself. I would find a therapist. – Matt Freehauf, Young Adult

I just finished watching Young Adult. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now. Charlize Theron (who is an amazing actress, by the way) plays Mavis Gary, a self-pitying former prom queen trying to relive her glory days. She returns to her hometown to rekindle an old relationship. The twist is that her ex-boyfriend is married and has a baby. Mavis is a hot, delusional mess who will change the facts until they suit her.

Bottoms up

Know anybody like that?

I do.

Mavis Gary reminds me of my best friend from college. We were really, really close. Almost dating, even. We were roommates and we knew everything about each other. I knew every little tidbit about her daily life. And she knew mine.

We “broke up” a little after graduation.

She was a really good friend. I even miss her sometimes. She was, like Mavis, a little delusional. Even though she was a total sweetheart, she had a very specific way of interpreting the things that happened to her. Mind you, this only happened with her ex or current boyfriends. Nobody else. Just them.

She would twist things they had said and done. She would keep twisting it until it made sense to her. Casual relationships became torrid affairs. Apathetic ex boyfriends became obsessed stalkers. I believed her at first, I really did. Then I started being there. I got to see things happen. I couldn’t see things as she saw them. I was confused.

She analyzed every word in every text message sent by ex, current, or potential boyfriends. Sometimes, she would ask me to analyze them for her. It was insane. She put so much thought into everything people were saying or doing. It was making me paranoid. Although I often thought she was wrong, I comforted her, like a good friend would. It fed her behaviour, and probably encouraged it.

And so, when I heard “Mavis, I would keep all of this to yourself. I would find a therapist”, I thought of her.

I was her therapist.


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