You have an insufferable personality

Yes, you have an insufferable personality.

We are all insufferable to some extent. We all have little quirks and habits that are annoying to the people around us.


Act like a prize, and you’ll turn them into believers.

Here are some of the things that I think make me insufferable:

  • I chew crunchy food really, really loudly. People on the other floors can practically hear me eating an apple. Crunch, crunch, crunch.
  • While we’re on the topic of eating, I eat really slowly. I don’t know if it’s because I’m chewing slowly, or too much, but I end up finishing my meal way after everyone else is done. and no, I won’t hurry it up.
  • I’m probably too friendly to people who want to be left the hell alone.
  • Sometimes I just want to be left the hell alone.
  • I’m always 15 minutes late to social functions, and I express great disdain showing up on time or (gasp) early. Who does that?
  • I walk really fast and I’m always in a hurry. As if I’m a New Yorker or something (I’ve never even been to New York). I am the worst enemy of high school girls who text while walking. I brisk right past them and nearly topple them over.
  • I metamorphise into an apocalyptic survivor scrambling for precious resources when driving in traffic. The precious resource in this scenario is space. I want that space you’re in. I want that space in front of you. I’m going to force my way in front of you, even though you ignored my blinker. Snaaarl
  • I’m a fucking gluttonist, okay?! I eat everything. And then I talk about it. Non-stop.
  • If I get bored during a conversation I don’t react to what was said, and just try to change the topic. This obviously pisses off many people.

What makes you insufferable?


2 thoughts on “You have an insufferable personality

  1. The crunchy food thing made me think of Lily from How I Met Your Mother haha

    And I totally do a lot of those things! Walk too fast, show up late (even if I try I can’t show up on time…), and I’m totally an aggressive driver too. (Everyone hates me when I drive…)

  2. Damn! Now you’ve got me thinking, “oh sh”t! Do I make that much noise when I eat…My partner, Pat always looks at me when I eat and I’m like what? Because I don’t wolf my food down like most men do, but maybe I make a little noise. 🙂

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