Damaged Goods

This is a guest post from an introspective good friend of mine. She brought this up earlier today, and I asked her to write a whimsical guest post that I could share with you guys. Luckily, she obliged and here it is:

We’re all damaged. Scared. Scarred. Insecure. Anxious. Ugly. Clumsy. Awkward.

I used to idolize people when I was a kid. I thought that everyone was perfect. This continued into my teens. I thought that everyone was smarter, nicer, more likeable, and prettier than me. Granted, some of this is thanks to my over-critical mother who pretty much criticized every aspect of my being. I thought that these internal demons were unique to me, and that everyone else was perfectly fine. Some of this is also thanks to my lack of life experience at that age. I didn’t have a clear perception of the world around me.

Today, I was browsing Reddit, my favourite website. I love to read the AskReddit section of the site, because not only are the questions really interesting sometimes, but it gives me an intimate peek into strangers’ heads.

An interesting question came up: What makes you ugly on the inside?

We’re all ugly on the inside. Nobody is perfect. We all have our inner battles.

I urge you to read the answers when you have a chance. You’d be surprised at how SIMILAR our inner demons are! Here’s a roundup of the most common answers I found:

  1. “I hate myself.”
  2. “I hate people.”
  3. “I’m extremely negative and cynical.”
  4. “I suppress everything I feel, and try to look normal on the outside.”
  5. “I’m a bitch.”
  6. “I can’t make friends or maintain relationships.”
  7. “I have no social skills.”
  8. “I’m self-centered.”
  9. “I can’t let things go. I can’t forgive and forget.”
  10. “I’m jealous.”
  11. “I’m really judgmental. I criticize people, especially other girls, all the time because I feel threatened by them.”
  12. “I’m emotionally needy and I constantly want attention.”

And so on.

It was so refreshing to read these raw answers from complete strangers and realize that we all have ugliness. It makes it that much more easier to deal with our own demons, knowing that everybody else is going through the same thing.

Embrace your ugliness. If you can, make an effort to recognize these traits within yourself and work towards evolving. Change is hard. Be patient with yourself. At the very least, don’t beat yourself up over ugliness you can’t change. You’re not alone.



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