Seeking Inspiration

I’m writing a book.

That is–I’ve begun writing a book. Fiction, of course. Something at the intersection of fantasy and reality. But aren’t they all like that?

I’m conceiving my protagonist. I know she’s a she. I know what her personality is like. But, I don’t know what she looks like. So, I’ve turned to Google Images, and I’m browsing photographs of random red-haired vixens. Or will she have dark brown hair?

It’s a journey.

This week, I’m bringing all of the characters to life. In order to do that, I need to get to know them. I need to talk to them. I need to envision them as my friends and colleagues. And only then, will I be able to create someone so multidimensional they’re almost real.

How do you get inspired?


4 thoughts on “Seeking Inspiration

  1. That’s a good process. And as scary as it sounds, I talk to myself. That’s how I usually come up with ideas.

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