Suitcase Hostage Situation

My neighbour is subletting her apartment to an eccentric guy from Saskatoon.

He kind of reminds me of Kramer from Seinfeld, because he’s extremely extroverted and has crazy ideas that he’ll share with just about anyone. Also, like Kramer, the weirdest things happen to him. He’s an oddity.

So, this guy moved in a few days ago, and I only met him this morning. He was wearing the tackiest tourist garb–those red hoodies with “Canada” and “Toronto” barfed all over them.



He mentioned that he was from Saskatoon, and so I found it bizarre that he had a hefty appetite for tacky Canadian tourist stuff. Last time I checked, the only people who wear those red sweaters are Asians visiting from Hong Kong or illegal Russian immigrants just trying to fit in (albeit, poorly).

“Nice sweater,” I squeaked.

He laughed, cocked his head to one side, and let out an exasperated sigh.

Turns out, someone took his suitcase hostage. Yeah, I’m being serious. The airline lost someone’s suitcase. That disgruntled passenger decided to take a perfect stranger’s luggage and keep it until the airline found theirs. What a jerk.

This guy panicked and bought a few things at the airport to last him a few days. Such a bad move in retrospect because 1) Everything at the airport is overpriced, 2) Everything at the airport is ugly, and 3) He could have gone to H & M and got some normal looking items on sale. I say H & M because you can get a t-shirt for like 5 bucks.

My roommate and I are taking him shopping today. I’ll be damned if a Canadian wears those tacky red hoodies!


3 thoughts on “Suitcase Hostage Situation

  1. Well that’s an interesting one…somebody else taking his suitcase hostage. Obviously the airline knows who the individual is, can’t this person be reported for theft? Knowing how much I spent on clothes in small doses, I can’t imagine tallying up what an entire suitcase of my clothes would come too! (It makes me and my credit card cry)

    • The airline is trying to find the other guy’s luggage so they can make a trade. I really hope he gets charged for theft after, so they can deter this sort of thing in the future. I would be so pissed if my stuff was taken just like that.

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