Toronto is Covered in Snow

Guys…there’s like 30 cm of snow in Toronto today.


Best wishes from me to you

It all began yesterday. It was just snowing, but my friends and coworkers already named it “snowmageddon.” Cute.

Being from a town north of Toronto, I was already used to huge snowfall. It really wasn’t a big deal to me. In fact, I like snow! Everything moves slower and I feel like I’m in one of those cheesy rom com movies. I’m in a coffee shop. A handsome stranger with dark brown hair and chocolatey brown eyes is standing in line, waiting for his coffee. I’m furiously typing away at my computer. We lock eyes. He smiles. I smile. He picks up his coffee and walks over to me. “Is this seat taken?” I shake my head ‘no’ vigourously, hoping he’ll sit down. He takes the chair and moves it to the table beside me, where a cute blonde is waiting.


I called in sick yesterday, and took today off. Clever me! I’ve spent the entire day whimsically wandering around the city. I brewed some black tea with a dash (or two) of amaretto and poured it into my Hello Kitty mug, and off I went.

It might be the amaretto talking, but…this day is amazing. This is probably, by far, the best day I’ve had this year. People are nicer because nobody is really in a hurry to get anywhere. Wait a minute…most people are at work! Maybe this is what Toronto looks like during weekday work hours? Then, come 5 o’clock, all of us bitter cretins get off work and turn Toronto into a miserable hole.

Another thing, it’s not as crowded as it usually is. People are either at work or at home, avoiding the weather. I like this version of Toronto.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are!


One thought on “Toronto is Covered in Snow

  1. Amaretto always does some good talking ^.^

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