Impromptu Miami Trip with a Fling

Remember when I remembered I had a blog and started writing again? I mentioned that I went to Miami, on a whim, with a fling.

ImageThis was about a month ago. I was feeling spontaneous. So when a friend of a friend that I was vaguely interested in, asked me if I wanted to grab my passport, hastily pack a bag, and drive to Pearson Airport, I was like hell yeah.

We were kinda seeing each other, and I was in it for the fun. And possibly the sex. Yeah it was most definitely for the sex.

It was Saturday. We lazily showed up to the airport in the afternoon. I was wearing my obligatory Juicy Couture traveling suit. You know the one. We all bought one in highschool and keep wearing it as a dignified alternative to dressing like a complete slob.

ImageWe bought tickets to Miami, checked our bags, and entered the boarding gate. My heart was racing from the moment we checked our bags, to the moment we boarded the plane. The whole time, thoughts were running through my head along the lines of “What the hell am I doing?” And of course, typical introvert thoughts, such as “Where will I hide once I get sick of him?”

Such an amazing experience. So so spontaneous. And so stupid. Yet, all so very exciting. I savoured every moment–every last crumb. I felt like I was in a (well-written) romantic comedy. I don’t know if it was so exciting because I randomly booked a last minute trip, or because it was with someone I hardly knew. Or maybe it was because none of our mutual friends knew about it. Secrets are sexy.

This was the mother of all flings.

Have you ever engaged in pure selfish abandon? You know, where you literally just give in and indulge, indulge, indulge. That’s what I did for three straight days. I was  a whole different person. I knew this was a once in a lifetime kind of deal, and I indulged my pretty little head off. We ate a little too much. We drank a little too much. We laughed a little too much. And we did things in places we weren’t supposed to. I’ll leave it up to you to fill in the blanks.

Highly recommend. Have a fling too many. Get out of your comfort zone and have a grand fucking time.

Things got a little weird after, as they do. But I’ll save that for another post.



Why women hate other women

Women tend not to like other women.

If you’re a woman, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re a dude who pays attention to how women interact with each other, be it on TV or watching your girlfriend and her friends, you know what I’m talking about.

But first, my obligatory ice-breaker:


Please don’t crucify me for posting a picture with the word “slut” which unfortunately, carries a meaning damaging to women. Also, please don’t crucify me for using the word “crucify.” Just putting that out there.

So why are women mean to other women? Seriously, have you ever wondered why a good friendship of yours went sour? Why did she start acting passive-aggressively towards you, and try to get back at you with backhanded compliments and turning people against you?

Guys, have you ever wondered why your girlfriend acts like she absolutely adores someone, only to turn around, roll her eyes, and say “Ugh, I HATE her. She’s such a bitch!”

Why do women do this? We’re all guilty of being vicious towards another woman at some point in our lives. Why do we waste our time and energy on pointless emotional warfare? What ever happened to “say what you mean and mean what you say” or “treat others the way you want to be treated?”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to decipher every message. I want to take things (somewhat) at face value, and not second-guess another woman’s compliment or intentions. I want to have solid girlfriends I can trust, and not be constantly walking on eggshells.

Here’s a really awesome article from the Huffington Post about why women tend to be mean to other women.

Here are some insightful bits from the article:

our looks are still up there on the checklist of our success as women. It is on our checklist in an arbitrary omnipresent way that we did not necessarily invite. Perhaps we once made it a priority. Perhaps others made it a priority and we correspondingly internalized it by default.


Looks do not define men like they still define women, even in the most serious platforms in the world. This is a beautiful but ugly remnant of a time when women were the trophies and property of men, when our entire worth was once based on appearance, pedigree, purity and child-bearing ability.

There’s so much more, but I won’t post all of it here. Read the article, it’s insightful, I promise.

Aside from women being valued for their appearance, I would also like to add that upbringing plays a major role in how women deal with confrontation. You see, girls are raised to be kind and non-confrontational. Sounds great in theory, but it’s actually fucked up. Instead of addressing conflict directly, girls (and later, women) act passive-aggressively towards the other person, hoping that person will notice and be hurt.

Guys, ever asked your girlfriend “what’s wrong?!” after an hour of her sulking before getting a real answer? Girls, ever sulked for an hour and refused to tell your man what’s wrong, hoping he would figure it out?

Yeah. Some of us don’t know how to deal with confrontation. We got punished by our parents and teachers for being confrontational, and generally, “not nice.” So we confront people the only way we know how, with emotional warfare.

The bottom line is that we engage in emotional warfare to have the upper hand when we feel powerless. We think that other women, whether they’re prettier, more successful, smarter or funnier than us, are taking that power away from us.

What do you think?

My Coworker is Probably in Love With Me

So, I convinced a coworker to quit her job…and then I got promoted when she did.

So what?

She was living a quiet, boring life, and deserved to get a little push out of the office and into the world. She deserved it.

I convinced her to quit and travel the world. She could always get a work visa and dry mangoes and pineapples in Australia if she needed money.

A week goes by, and she put in her two weeks. I was surprised. I didn’t think she would actually do it…I was just trying to be supportive and inspiring and whatnot.

Then, I got called into the boss’ office and got promoted.

Just like that.

There’s a 28 year old in my new department who–I’m starting to suspect–is in love with me.

He’s always hanging around my desk and talking to me…

He has a reputation for being an ass to everyone unless he needs something…He became really nice to me lately. Really nice. At first, I suspected he wanted a favour. But he hasn’t asked me for anything yet. So, I’m super suspicious of him.

He’s oddly in a good mood, smiling, and whistling and shit.

It’s really fucking suspicious.

The Bitch is Back

I’m baaaaccck….

So much has happened lately. Here’s a really vague list to intrigue you:

  • I convinced someone at work to quit her job and travel the world…she did….and I got promoted to her job. This was actually pretty shocking.
  • I took an impromptu trip to Miami with a new fling….yeah more on that later.
  • My ex got a restraining order against the girl he cheated on me with.
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs made the playoffs–for the first time in 9 years.

There’s more, but that’s all I’m willing to say for now. Super lazy to elaborate because the game is on.

Go Leafs Go!