My Coworker is Probably in Love With Me

So, I convinced a coworker to quit her job…and then I got promoted when she did.

So what?

She was living a quiet, boring life, and deserved to get a little push out of the office and into the world. She deserved it.

I convinced her to quit and travel the world. She could always get a work visa and dry mangoes and pineapples in Australia if she needed money.

A week goes by, and she put in her two weeks. I was surprised. I didn’t think she would actually do it…I was just trying to be supportive and inspiring and whatnot.

Then, I got called into the boss’ office and got promoted.

Just like that.

There’s a 28 year old in my new department who–I’m starting to suspect–is in love with me.

He’s always hanging around my desk and talking to me…

He has a reputation for being an ass to everyone unless he needs something…He became really nice to me lately. Really nice. At first, I suspected he wanted a favour. But he hasn’t asked me for anything yet. So, I’m super suspicious of him.

He’s oddly in a good mood, smiling, and whistling and shit.

It’s really fucking suspicious.


4 thoughts on “My Coworker is Probably in Love With Me

  1. Hey, I say good on you for supporting her to travel! Everybody SHOULD travel!

  2. Wow. Win-win for both of you. Awesome job 🙂

  3. You are so matter of fact! I love it.


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