Introvert Seclusion

I took a few hours of designated no-contact selfish ME time today.

I warned all of my friends and turned off my phone. I enjoyed about an hour (with a bunch of breaks, of course) in the sauna. The Fins and the Russians love bathing in the sauna. They even go as far as to bring in vine bouquets and whip one another, whilst in the sauna. It gets really heated. This is to increase circulation, of course.

Of course.

I really enjoyed whipping some of my neighbours with that thing. Some of them really, really deserve it. I’m looking at you and your obnoxiously small yet incredibly loud dog, Kim.

Anywho, I’m all doped out now (the sauna really does take a lot out of you) and I’m off to take a cold shower and get some rest.



One thought on “Introvert Seclusion

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