Why 30 is not the New 20

I always thought that my 20’s were a blow-off year. You know…like an extension of adolescence. Since I’m in the big city all alone, I had to get a big-girl job and support myself.

Now I share an apartment with another girl and her cat, while I figure it all out.

This TED talk inspired me to take advantage of my youth, control of my 20’s, and reach higher.

TED talks are inspirational tidbits of wisdom–information worth sharing.

Prepared to be inspired.


3 thoughts on “Why 30 is not the New 20

  1. Thanks for posting this, it’s great!

  2. I love TED talks! And 20’s are definitely super important, I’m only 23 but I already feel like there’s still so much more I need to experience before it’s over.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. As a 21 year old, it seems like the ideal time for me to watch this TED talk.

    Everyone says that your 20s are supposed to be your “selfish” years, and in some ways I totally understand how “selfish” could be used to define the concepts Meg Jay talks about here, but now i think it’s not about being selfish at all. Yes, we have the luxury in our 20s to work out who we are, what makes us tick career-wise, and who we want around us, but that doesn’t mean we get to be selfish – and from what Meg Jay said, it sounds like being selfish = procrastinating.

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