Fight your insurer

Insurance companies are the devil. The environment is toxic, and when people aren’t gossiping about you or backstabbing you, they’re being useless pimples at work.

I’m really looking forward to a change of scenery and some [or any, really] internal fulfillment at work. I’m kind of job hunting on the sly. I’m hoping to claw my way out of the insurance company and into a more positive (and rewarding, hopefully) organization.

I would like to take this moment to strongly encourage all of you to fight your insurers. Be careful when getting a policy, and make sure you understand how to file claims. File your claims completely and accurately. Keep copies for yourself. Put it in a file, and keep it organized!

Your claim will be denied because insurers don’t want to pay you. Shocker!! Insurance companies want to invest your premiums and then keep all of the wonderful money to themselves instead of paying out to you. And they’ll totally get away with it because people will give up.

DON’T GIVE UP!!!! Challenge them. Read the letter and their reasoning. Think for yourself. Most likely, their reasoning will be complete and utter horseshit. Challenge it. Don’t call their call centre. It’s full of poorly trained university students and highschool dropouts. They won’t help you, and you’ll just end up yelling at them because they’re a bunch of knobs. Write a letter instead. Harass them on social media, since they all seem to be on Facebook and Twitter nowadays. If you get enough dissatisfied clients or a sensational story, take it to the media or file a class-action lawsuit.

I am not joking when I say that our supervisors encourage claims analysts to reject as many claims as possible (yes, there’s a quota to fulfill), and offer gift cards (usually to restaurants) as rewards. Some analysts happily fulfill their duty and get rewarded. Don’t worry, I hate them. They make for awful coworkers.


One thought on “Fight your insurer

  1. Hope you find more fulfilling work!

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