Things I wish I lived through

I’m nostalgic for a time I didn’t have. I find myself charmed by the roaring 1920’s, burgundy lipstick, and cigarette holders. I don’t even smoke.

I think about going to fabulous parties, drowning in jazz, and drinking a fabulous cocktail. Usually, this song plays in my head:

Then I think about the 1970’s and the groovy colours, patterns, liberal pot-smoking, and awesome music. I mostly draw my references from Austin Powers and That 70’s Snow.

It seems that life was less stressful then. We weren’t always tethered to our phones and to each other. Social media didn’t exist. If you wanted to know more about someone, you had to ask. If you wanted to meet people, you had to leave your house. If you didn’t want to be reached, there was nothing anyone could do about it. You would go to college and get a good job. The middle class existed. Children respected their parents, and only started rebelling in their teenage years, whereas now it appears to begin much earlier. People smiled and trusted each other.

Do you ever get nostalgic for a time you didn’t experience?


8 thoughts on “Things I wish I lived through

  1. The sixties – in America. Rock’n’roll, great dresses, jukeboxes, drive-in movies 😉

  2. I love this post! I think about this all the time. Just last night I was walking out of the supermarket and saw the “Remembering John Lennon” Edition of Life magazine. I would have loved to this through that era.

    • It was a great time. The politics were changing. The social landscape was changing. Women were becoming liberated. People in general, even, were becoming liberated. Ah, I wonder if we’ll have something like this during our time.

  3. Love the music!!. Can I come too…?

  4. It was probably easier to live in the 20’s, but medical advances had not happened yet, and many women who had sex wound up getting abortions from quacks because there was no birth control pills yet, and guys still wanted to have sex. Now we can have sex and not get pregnant if we are careful.

    • You’re so right. I think that era (or any time before the feminist movement) is so romanticized. On one hand, it looks like great fun. On the other hand, it sucked to be a woman. And god help you if you’re a visible minority AND a woman in that time.

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