New Beginnings

I have a job interview next week!!! Yey.

It’s for a local startup that seems to have an awesomely vibrant culture. And even better, most of their employees are under the age of 35!

And they have no dress code! Rips off librarian pencil skirt and throws it on the floor. Begone, restrictive pencil skirt! You will no longer prevent me from walking faster and getting to places in a reasonable amount of time! 

Hallelujah. I look forward to meeting all of my new best friends next week.

And now I shall be stalking their company website, brushing up on the industry, and memorizing my resume. Yes, I need to memorize my resume because I may or may not have stretched the truth in some places.

Or in most places.

Wish me luck. 




5 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. WOOHOO! Congrats, good luck girl!

  2. All the best of luck!

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