Being an adult

Your twenties are an interesting time.

This is the decade that really shapes your personality and possibly even the rest of your life.

People say that your teenage years are your formative years. I disagree. I was an entitled little shit during my teenage years. All I really learned was how to hide my shenanigans from my parental units. On the other hand, I also learned how to bullshit, which I must say is a very valuable life skill.

How to Bullshit (in a nutshell):

  • Look like you know what you’re talking about
  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Use fancy words
  • Look like you know what you’re talking about

I think our twenties are our actual formative years. What can a teenager learn when they live in their cushy little bubble and don’t have any decision-making authority? I’m only in the first half of my twenties, but I’ve already learned a lot.

I learned how to survive on my own in a large (and intimidating) city. I learned how to find a sane roommate. I learned how to budget my income, and save money. I learned how to filter out the douchebags and avoid wasting time on them, whether as friends or more. I learned how to cook edible food (better late than never, bitches!). I started valuing my friendships and my family. I learned patience. I learned integrity. I learned selflessness.

There are days when I feel like an old bag because I meet someone my own age and struggle to spend at least ten minutes with them. I don’t get the whole #swag and #yolo shit, and actually find it really irritating. Dear god, shut the fuck up and get a job.

Then it dawns on me that I matured quicker. I left the cushy confines of my parents’ house before entering my twenties. I left my hometown where I knew everyone. I moved out. I’m on my own here. I do run of the mill adult things like wake up for work every morning and pay bills on the first of every month.

Then I slip up and do stupid shit like flying to Miami on a whim with a fling, binge-drinking all night, fleeing emotional intimacy, and eating nothing but Cheetos (only the crunchy kind) for an entire day.

Yeah…I have a long way to go.

So how are your twenties going?


3 thoughts on “Being an adult

  1. Not quite in my twenties yet, but I definitely know what you mean about maturing faster. I had to show half of my res floor how to do laundry this past week.

    • You’ve just elected yourself as mother hen of the dorms. Congratulations. You will henceforth be the authority on laundry, boiling an egg properly, and remembering to clean the toilet. When I was in school, I was so shocked that people didn’t know they had to clean their washrooms. They thought the toilet-cleaning fairy took care of it.

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