When your coworkers suck

My coworkers are, overall, pretty awesome people to work with. They answer e-mails, show up to meetings, and are helpful when you’re in a pinch. Some of them have a sense of humour and are great to trade laughs with.

The truth is, I don’t care if you’re cool to work with. Sure, it’s a definite bonus, but it isn’t the only criteria I have. You need to actually do your work in order to be in my good books. I have a low bullshit tolerance.

One of my coworkers, while sometimes pleasant to work with, is a total crap bag otherwise. She calls in sick all of the fucking time. Yeah, people get sick and who doesn’t need a Mental Health Day every once in a while? Everyone deserves a break here and there…unless you don’t do shit on the days you actually are here. But you’re not really sick, are you?

She seems to be getting “sick” every other Monday or so. Go see a fucking doctor and stop eating shit (i.e. Coca Cola for breakfast). We live in Canada, where seeing a doctor is free, so there’s no excuse. Do you know how many times I’ve called in sick since October/starting to work here? Here’s a hint: it’s ZERO. Others have not been so lucky, and were forced to take one or two days off to recoup. Whatever.

She doesn’t do shit on the days she actually shows up to work. This slows everyone else down, because we work together on most of our projects. Everyone needs to show up, and everyone needs to bring their ‘A’ Game when it’s needed. You can’t be a crap bag if others depend on you.

I’m just writing this post to bitch about how annoyed I am. /endrant


6 thoughts on “When your coworkers suck

  1. Haha I was like dang girl, you’re going on a complete betch rant..and then I read your last line lol.!That’s alright get it all out there just get out:)

  2. I’m still trying to figure out (after 4 years) how Latvians always seem/look so busy yet never actually DO anything 🙂

  3. yes. Yes. Yes!! I work with one of those “always sick” co-workers. Unfortunately we often have to work on projects together, or I have to do training with her and it drives me absolutely crazy. I can’t train when you aren’t here!
    It’s worst that she comes in late most days too, so I don’t know if she’s sick, or late, until a few hours into the day when she emails the group. She isn’t really faking, but she’s over-dramatic and waaay too anxious, and I think she can’t handle her life in general. So part of me feels bad, but the other part wants to tell her to find a more suitable job, because this ain’t it. Plus she’s a chatty cathy. So when she comes back from being sick, or being late, we get to hear ALL about why she was sick/late. Doesn’t matter that I’m obviously in the middle of work. She just arrived, and needs to waste 30 minutes telling us aaaall the details.
    I can’t stop ranting. Can we get a support.. no.. ranting group started? 🙂

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