Here is where I post my favourite websites. I spell favourite with a “u” because I’m from Canada. That’s just how we do it around here.


The Grindstone: This online magazine has daily articles that are really useful. Some are interesting opinion pieces about controversial stuff. Others are about job & career related problems (i.e. using the girly voice at work, competing when you’re young and inexperienced, etc.)

40:20 Vision: A blog where 20 something women seek advice from 40 something women. Tons of useful tidbits about relationships, work, family, friends, important decisions, and “making it.” This is my proverbial chicken soup.

Penelope Trunk: Penelope is a self-made start-up extraordinaire. Her articles are really uncensored and easy to digest. She offers a lot of useful advice on writing an effective resume, getting a job, and climbing the ladder.


Refinery29: My fashion go-to. I’m not an avid trend follower, but this is where I check out trends and seek style inspiration. Useful for gals who want to switch it up, clean out their wardrobe, or stay informed.


The Gloss: Funny online mag written by sarcastic 20 somethings in NYC. Topics are super random and include the following: sex, dating, relationships, trends, beauty, shopping & controversial news.

The Frisky: This is my favourite online mag. There are tons of funny articles written by amazing people, on news, sex, and relationships.


99U: A website chock full of articles on making shit happen. This is a really inspirational resource, and I come here when I want to improve my life. Plus, their layout is awesome.

Vigilant Citizen: Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory. This blog writes about hidden messages and ideas in popular culture. So, if you’re wondering how the fuck Lady Gaga topped more charts than the Beatles, this is for you.

Reddit: Where would I be without Reddit… Probably reading the backs of shampoo bottles in the bathroom. Reddit is an awesome online community where ideas, knowledge, and opinions are exchanged. Approach with caution, I’ve had days unwittingly devoted to Redditing.

**If you have a website that you want me to add to this list, feel free to drop me a line via GET IN TOUCH. Link me to the website and give me a brief note on what it’s about.


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