Commitment in your 20’s

Okay, so I spent some time creeping old friends and classmates on Facebook last night.

I feel like I need to address what everyone is thinking. Why the fuck is everyone having babies?



Sorry, I need to be more specific. Why are my former classmates who barely graduated highschool, didn’t go to college, work minimum-wage jobs, and make-up/break-up with their boyfriends every other weeks having babies?! And how do they still find the time to hit up all of the clubs on the weekends?

I know this sounds super judgmental but hear me out. From where I’m sitting, you don’t have your shit together. In fact, I don’t think any of us do. Your twenties are a big hot mess. Everyone’s still figuring it out and having sex with all of their friends from college. It’s pretty incestuous. Then, one person gets their shit together which pressures everyone around them to get it together, too. Then we all walk around with briefcases, acting like adults until it feels natural.

So I creeped some old classmates and saw that four girls my age are mothers. Two of them already have two kids each. I don’t understand why people are having kids so young. I can’t even commit to a houseplant and these people are already committing to children and a life with their boyfriends. 


One of them is pretty entertaining. She posts every little detail about her private life on Facebook. She’s all “Oh I hate drama! Don’t bring your drama to me!” meanwhile, she will air her dirty laundry on Facebook for all to see. She constantly harps on her on again, off again boyfriend/father of her children–“Where can I get a real man?” Cringeworthy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not ready for motherhood.